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BTX Metalwork

Plates, Panels, Breakout boxes and more
About BTX Metalwork

BTX’s Metalwork division offers custom plates and panels with fast turnaround, accurate manufacturing and millions of dollars of A/V, Broadcast and IT connectors in stock and ready to load. Combine that with our free Pro Plate & Panel CAD software, extensive symbol library, precision machining capabilities and you have the ideal source for all of your plate and panel needs. Typical turnaround is 3-5 days depending on the scope of your project.


Making this happen has never been easier:

Step 1: Download and install the FREE software here.

Step 2: Start designing by dragging plate, panel and connector symbols onto the canvas.

Step 3: Approve the price shown in real time and decide on either a formal quote or to place an order - it is really that simple!

Step 4: Save your file in a .dwg format for reorders or to import into your CAD software.