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BTX Fiber Lab

Assemblies, Breakout Boxes, Signal Management products, Connectors, Reels, Tools, and many accessories

BTX Fiber Lab

BTX’s Optical Solutions division offers everything for your fiber needs including cable assemblies, breakout boxes, signal management products, connectors, reels, tools, testers and many accessories. We are certified to build and repair LEMO® SMPTE and Neutrik opticalCON® cable assemblies. Our fiber lab is staffed with the most talented technicians in the industry and utilizes the most accurate automated termination and test equipment available. They are fully trained to repair, test, clean, and terminate fiber to ensure that your cables are in top condition.


BTX Technologies has been appointed by QPC Fiber Optic Solutions as a Certified Cable Assembly Partner to build ruggedized fiber assemblies for AV and broadcast applications utilizing QPC components.

In addition to distribution, BTX’s multi-certified fiber lab will build and repair QPC assemblies to fulfill industry demands.

"BTX is well-known for providing the highest quality fiber assemblies for the AV and broadcast industries. Their staff is talented and extremely well trained, and their attention to detail is unrivaled."

- Steve Wilkes, President & CEO of QPC

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