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About Huddly

Huddly is a vision technology company that combines hardware, software and AI to create enhanced and intelligent conference cameras for an outstanding meeting and collaboration experience. Based in Norway, Huddly incorporates Scandinavian design principals with a global outlook to achieve advanced, innovative technology that is revolutionizing video conferencing. Huddly cameras are USB-powered and compatible with any platform, just plug it in and you're ready to go!

Huddly IQ Spec Sheet

Intelligent, ultra-wide-angle camera with advanced AI features and 5-element mic array for optimal voice clarity. Perfect for small huddle rooms, medium size meeting rooms and open collaboration spaces. USB-powered and compatible with any platform, just plug and play!

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Huddly IQ

Genius Framing

Automatically detects people within its field of view and delivers an optimally framed image of them to far end participants. Check out this demo on the new smooth genius framing update!

Analytics API

IQ can detect and count people and objects within its field of view. Analytics data is accessible via the Huddly InSights open APIs and several management dashboards for better decision making.

Real-Time Dewarping

The wide-angle image is dewarped and perspective corrected in real time, rendering a natural, true-life view.

Microphone Array

5-element embedded microphone array ensures that everyone can be heard loud and clear.

Multi-Layered CNN

Convolutional neural network design allows IQ to instantly identify visual patterns, and detect people and objects.


One click updates to add new, cutting-edge features.

Award-Winning Design
and Engineering

Huddly IQ has received numerous prestigious awards for its beautiful design, powerful functionality, and simplicity. It has a clean, functional aesthetic based on Scandinavian design principles, paired with groundbreaking AI features. The materials and feel of the product match the image and audio quality.

Huddly awards
Huddly Go
Huddly GO Spec Sheet

Super-compact, ultra-wide-angle collaboration camera is perfect for small huddle rooms, medium size meeting rooms and open collaboration spaces. USB-powered and compatible with any platform. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go! Includes: camera, 2 ft. USB 3.0 Type C-C cable, 3.6 ft. (1.1 meter) USB 3.0 Type C to A angled cable, and black travel pouch.

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Ultra Wide-Angle

150° wide-angle lens lets you capture everyone in the room or meeting space.

Light Optimization

Auto-adjusts to your lighting conditions so your video stays clear as day.

Image Sensor

16 MegaPixel 1/2.3" CMOS sensor delivers immersive, crystal-clear HD video.

Digital PTZ

Instant, silent digital pan/tilt with 3x lossless zoom.

180° Auto-Flip

When mounted upside down, the camera automatically provides the correct view.


One click updates to add new, cutting-edge features.

Product Comparison
IQ-GO-comparison_short final

Download the full product comparison below!


Enhance Your Huddly Experience

The Huddly App for Windows and Mac gives you instant control of the camera's field of view. Users can pan, tilt, and zoom to get the best viewing angles and perspectives. Moreover, the app notifies you whenever Huddly releases an update so you can keep your cameras up-to-date with the latest features that improve image quality and functionality.

Mac OS
Windows (64 bit)
Windows (32 bit)

Huddly Mounting Bracket

This mounting bracket allows for easy installation of your Huddly camera below the display. Huddly cameras can be mounted upside down and will automatically adapt to show the correct view. Supports display thickness up to 2.4 inches (6 cm). User Manual

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Huddly Software Development Kit

The Huddly SDK allows partners, integrators, and developers to control the AI-powered Huddly IQ conference camera and take advantage of its advanced analytics to build exciting features and experiences.

Huddly SDK enables you to build your own solution and get crucial insight into how your meetings spaces are being used. With flexible, high-quality analytics data accessible via the Huddly Insights API, you can monitor:

People Count

How many people are in the room?


How much the room gets used?


Is the room is occupied or vacant?

Access the Huddly demo on how you can retrieve high insightful information with Google Analytics and create reports on meeting room data.

Huddly's wide-angle lens makes it the perfect camera for any size meeting space!
  • Meeting Rooms

  • Education

  • Huddle Spaces

  • Open Collaboration Spaces

  • Conference Rooms

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